Cat Corner Scratcher Durian Toy Cat Butler Toy

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The Cat Butler Toy Cat Corner Scratcher Durian Toy is an eco-friendly, multifunctional toy that your cat will love! The cute durian shape of the toy will attract your cat's attention and encourage it to play and scratch. The Cat Butler Toy is made of ABS + PVC materials, making it durable and long-lasting. It is designed for easy installation on any wall corner, so your cat can enjoy it anytime. The toy comes with a self-grooming brush that will allow your cat to easily groom and massage itself while playing with the toy. You can also add a bit of catnip inside the toy to make it even more appealing to your furry friend. With the Cat Corner Scratcher Durian Toy Cat Butler Toy, your cat will have hours of fun and entertainment while staying healthy and well-groomed. Get it now and let your cat scratch, groom and play all in one toy!


  • Design Distinctiveness: This cat tickle toy has a distinctive durian appearance that mimics the fruit's pointed shell without any sense of hostility. Pets become inquisitive and pay attention. It attracts pets attention and makes them curious. Its not just a cat comb! You can also let pets grind their teeth. This pet toy serves several purposes.

  • Fit to the Corner: The cat corner toy adopts fit design, and the right angle design is close to the corner of the wall. Of course, you can use two fitting methods, including not only the right angle pasting method, but also the whole arc pasting method on the side. Secure fit for your cat to use at any time.

  • Gift of Interest: This is the perfect present for animals. It can prevent them from getting bored, keep their teeth clean, and use up too much energy. It serves as both a toy and a tool for improving your bond with your cat so you can play together happily.



  • Material: PVC+ABS

  • Dimensions: 15.5x7 cm 


  • 【Cat self groomer】. Know that cats enjoy playing with actual durians? Cats may now experience the comfort and hardness of tickling anytime, everywhere thanks to this bionic design of cat durian grooming comb, which has sharp durian thorns that feel like genuine cats' sharp claws. Your cat will adore it.
  • Installing this cat self brush is simple thanks to its right angle design. No screws are required; it can simply be pasted on and tightly fastened.WARM TIPS: Please paste it when the position has been confirmed. Avoid sticking it to flimsy wall surfaces because it will leave marks when removed.
  • According to our tests, this cat wall rubbing scratcher's stiffness is ideal for cats, ensuring massage and grooming without painfully pulling off fur or injuring the cat's skin. It is composed of an environmentally safe plastic foundation. Feel free to use at any time.

Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

  • Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 


Package includes

  • A Cat Corner Scratcher Durian Toy


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