Best Selling Garden Hose Flexible Hose Garden Watering Pipe Double Latex High Pressure Car Wash

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Best Selling Garden Hose Flexible Hose Garden Watering Pipe Double Latex High Pressure Car Wash

Product name: high pressure telescopic hose
Material: Aluminum alloy + TPE inner tube + polyester braid
17ft: 5m after water injection (original length 1.5m)
25ft: 7.5m after water injection (original length 2.5m)
50ft: 15m after water injection (original length 5m)
75ft: 22m after water injection (original length 7.5m)
100ft: 30m after water injection (original length 10m)
125ft: 37.5m after water injection (original length 12.5m)
150ft: 45m after water injection (original length 15m)
1 * / 3 times the expansion and contraction can only fully expand under high water pressure, and can only expand 1-2 times under low water pressure.
2 * /Package includes: 1 / *Hose (excluding water gun)
3*/The water injection process can be extended to the corresponding length.
Once the water passes through the water pipe, the length of the water pipe will be extended and no water will pass through.
It will retract to its original length for ease of use, light weight and no space.
The hose is wrapped in high-quality fabric, beautiful and durable.
Applicable occasions: suitable for irrigation and cleaning purposes: gardens, car wash shops, recreational vehicles, swimming pools, boats, etc.

Extended hose magic The water pipe for the expandable water pipe is very convenient and is definitely a personal tool near your home. If you need water or a clean garden, the unit has the option of setting up a spray shut-off valve and a large number of equipment to make it easier to use the expandable hose. main feature: The external force of the mesh fabric ensures perfect rupture, no deformation, tangles and deformation   - Double-core latex: The hose is in an increasingly powerful and long-lasting market! It is designed to withstand the highest water pressure and has amazing results   - Hose connection: prevents rust, corrosion and wear, and is more durable than plastic   - Economical water: metal and rubber fittings, compression gaskets prevent leakage and store large amounts of water   - Space economics: automatically expands to 3 times the original length and jumps back when not in use, easy to store   - Multiple applications: Suitable for high-pressure electric washing machines, suitable for lawns, planting, window cleaning, flooring, etc. to meet all your needs






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