360 Degree Pet Washer Bathing Shower Tool

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The 360 Degree Pet Washer Bathing Shower Tool is the ultimate pet bath time solution. This tool features a rotating spray head that allows you to clean your pet's body in a circular motion, getting rid of any excess water that was not soaked up by the pad. It also has an ergonomic rubber grip handle so your hands stay dry while bathing your furry friend.

The 360 Degree Pet Washer Bathing Shower Tool is easy to use and comes with adjustable settings for different types of fur or skin sensitivity levels, allowing you to customize it according to each individual need. Its advanced design ensures maximum coverage and cleaning power in just one pass, making sure all areas are thoroughly washed without having to go over them multiple times like traditional baths do! Plus its compact size makes storage simple and convenient when not in use – perfect for busy households! 

If you're looking for an efficient way to bathe your beloved pets without the hassle of messes or stress on their bodies then this product is definitely worth considering! With its powerful rotational spray head technology combined with adjustable settings it promises effective cleaning results every time - giving both yourself and furry family members peace-of-mind during bathtime routines from now on.

This 360 Degree Pet Washer Bathing Shower Tool cleans your pet's body in a circular motion and with a rotating spray head, all the while getting rid of any excess water that was not soaked up by the pad. It's easy to use and features a rubber grip to ensure your hands stay dry.

Bath time is no longer bark time!

Paws coming out in protest, squirming and wriggling, shaking at the sound of running water? No longer a problem, here’s the savior for dirty pets!

Bathing is so much easier!

This pet washer is made with nervous pets in mind. Instead of spraying them with a garden hose and frightening out friends, it’s safer and much quicker using this special hose!


Less water wasted, more space wetted

A traditional hose with no control whatsoever can be super wasteful, especially if you have a naughty pooch. With this tool instead, you can get every inch wet within a minute with a much cheaper water bill!


Calming & relaxing (for both!!!)

The major feature that sold every pet parent is that this washer allows much gentler water jets to penetrate deeply into thickest coats, without filling scaredy dogs with fear.


Fits every dog

This dog shower features an adjustable circle hose, allowing you to quickly and easily modify the size to fit small to bigger furry kids.


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  • Material: ABS + TPE

  • Dimensions: 51 x 36.5 x 60.5cm

Package includes

  • 1 x Handle

  • 1 x Sprinkler


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